Filter the lines of data that contain the word list. Exact match - Partial non-match


I have a table with a list of words for the filter and I made a workflow but it also includes the partial matches. I want to filter the data to be an exact match.

where am i doing wrong can you send me a sample workflow.

**list of words to filter


**incorrect filtering

String manipulation
join(".(", regexReplace($column1$, ", ", “|”), ").")

sample word
"Rolling stock maintenance "

As in the sample word, it should be all matched. the word must not match the word.

Not like this;

" Rolling "
" stock"
“maintenance”---------It should not filter by evaluating separately. He should consider the whole sentence and make the filter by refining the sentence.

The simplest and easiest method that I can reach the exact and correct filter result is as follows.

The aim was specifically to solve the partial word match problem. Because many unrelated lines were listed unnecessarily.

*** But in fact, the best solution (especially for single words) is to create a second reference word pool in a way that makes evaluative connection. But I don’t think how I can do it right now.

For example, if there is the word “Metro”, search for the following words in the text … “rail” “railway” “train” … If there is at least one second reference word, include this text in the filter …

Note: I have researched with many other different methods, but if you want to filter not only a partial phrase but a combination of a few words or an entire word, this method will help. It will give results to avoid partial matches or without breaking a group of sentences (evaluating each word separately).

Other filtering methods divert the searches that are part or a group of phrases and prevent them from advancing according to the purpose of the filter by evaluating them piece by piece.

$Col4$ LIKE “* Railway Track works " OR$Col4$ LIKE " Rails " OR$Col4$ LIKE " sleepers " OR$Col4$ LIKE " Track components " OR$Col4$ LIKE " turnouts " OR$Col4$ LIKE " Reconditioning of rolling stock " OR$Col4$ LIKE " Rolling stock maintenance " OR$Col4$ LIKE " Railway signaling studies " OR$Col4$ LIKE " Train " OR$Col4$ LIKE " Metro " OR$Col4$ LIKE " Tramway " OR$Col4$ LIKE " Tram-trains " OR$Col4$ LIKE " Railway engineering " OR$Col4$ LIKE " Coaches " OR$Col4$ LIKE " Wheels " OR$Col4$ LIKE " Wheelsets " OR$Col4$ LIKE " Railway equipment *” =>TRUE



Glad you found a solutions that works for your use case. Thanks for posting the details!

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