Filter timeseries data using flow variables

This workflow demonstrates the usage of flow variables in the date and time nodes. Here the use case is to filter the last full week of data. Hence if you execute the workflow on wednesday you still only want to get the data until the last saturday. We achieve this by first finding the last Sunday. This will be the enddate in our filter node. Afterwards we use the information as a flow variable in the Date&Time-based Row Filter node. In addition we set the end of the filter to one week before the start date.

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Hello @Hub, thank you very much for the nice explanation of the flow.

I understand how to use the flow variable to either set the start date or the end date. But, how could I use for example two Date&Time Widgets (one for the start date and one for the end date) to set the parameters for the Date&Time-based Row Filter.

I would like to use these two dates for adjusting the Line Plot in a component for date exploration.

Here you can see my challenge where I do not know, how to connect both dates with flows to the Filter:

Thank you very much for your help.
Greetings Alex

I just got an Idea how to do that :slight_smile:
It is a little bit messy, but it seems to work.
I put two filters behind each other and attached the flow variables to each on (the first got the start connected and the second one the end:

The good thing is, the second filter seems to see the start date flow variable from the first filter:

Maybe this helps when someone else is looking at this thread and also looks for a solution.

I wish you a nice rest of the Sunday.
Greetings Alex

Hello Community,
I just would like to add some learnings here. I found a way to get my result by just using the Merge Variables Block.

I got the inspiration from Workflow 8 of this overview: Eight Data App Designs with the New Refresh Button | KNIME

Enjoy Kniming :slight_smile:
Greetings Alex

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