filter use file/folders meta info

Hello everyone.

I would like your help, I am using the node “file/folders meta info” and I would like to make a filter only in the cases of gabriel

Hi @gabrielfs2

You can already do this directly in the List Files/folders node. Click on Filter options and fill in *gabriel* in the file name filter.


Thanks for the answer!

Can i do this for 2 names?

if yes how?

@gabrielfs2 maybe use two list files nodes and Concatenate – KNIME Hub the results

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Hi @gabrielfs2 , just a question as I see this pattern from some people: why didn’t you mention that you had 2 names to filter on since the beginning? Did you think if you would get the answer for 1 name, then you would be able to do it for 2 names?

I’m just trying to understand what the thought process was behind asking for cases of gabriel, and then asking for cases of 2 names after the solution was given for the original request.

In your case, it is not too bad, but in some cases when the requester comes back like this, the original workflow was quite big to build, and it’s a complete redo when the requester comes back with new requirements.

Here, if you want to do 2 names or more, you can use the Regular expression option instead of Wildcard as Regular expression will be more flexible in that sense, but you would need to know Regex.

Alternatively, you can do the filter after retrieving the list, via Row Filter or Rule-based Row Filter (probably the latter as Row Filter would give you almost the same options as in the filter you are using)


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