Filtering Adjectives

Hello- I’m looking to filter adjectives from a large text database. I’ve seen people saying to use the BoW node and filter but I can’t figure out exactly how to accomplish this. Can you please explain to a beginner.



to filter only adjectives you can use first the POS Tagger, followed by the Tag Filter node.


Thanks Kathrin. In the Tag Filter node there are so many options for “tag type” and then “tags”…how do I know which one to select or adjectives? Is there any documentation that explains each?

Hi @crohoman -

As you’ve probably noticed, each tag type has its own list of associated tags. In this case, you would choose the POS tag type, and for adjectives choose the tags JJ, JJS, and JJR. Here’s a link to the Penn Treebank POS tag list for future reference:

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Awesome! Thanks Scott!