Filtering AND Selecting in Interactive Map via Generic Java Script View Node


I have a problem to combine filtering AND selection for an Interactive View Map.
As a basis for the interactive View on a Map I used the Zika Workflow (From A for Analytics to Z for Zika Virus) and it’s Generic Java Script View filled with generic produced data. Selection is working but not filtering.
See Workflow here:
InteractiveView_Selection_Filtering.knwf (3.4 MB)

The target is to implement several filters (mostly nominal) in addition to the existing selecting interactivity. Changing / selecting markers and using filters should change All integrated charts in the component (Bar Chart, Bubble Chart (Plotly), Table View, Interactive Map via Generic JavaScript View) in both directions.


When I add the “Interactive Value Filter” in the component all the other interactions are not working anymore.

The Generic JavaScript View Code (based on ZIKA):

I am not a JavaScript expert and thought that in the code of the ZIKA Workflow the knimeService Object for subscribeToFilter is already implemented and working.

I would appreciate any help or clues how it is possible to use both, filtering and selecting, in an interactive map. Or Workflows where both are implemented in a map.

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Hi @MarkusDC ,

I can’t come up with a better workaround than you have. The difference between ZIKA Workflow and yours is the filter is coming from a range slider which deals with numeric values and provides a range based filter. The nominal filter propagation to generic JS View is missing an implementation. I will create a feature request ticket for the same.



Hey @temesgen-dadi ,

thx for your help and requesting a feature ticket.
Do you know how long a freature request takes time until implementation?

Do I understand correctly that the Generic JS View Node is missing the feature to do both? or is a JavaScript line in the code (which is used in ZIKA) missing?


Hi @temesgen-dadi ,

do you have any new updates regarding the feature ticket?

Thx in Advance,


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