Filtering on table view ...

I don’t know if this is correct or not when using a filter on table rows “Open Table view in new window” …

What node are you using? Have you tried converting _pb1 to string?

I am using the GroupBy node.
But, if I convert this column to type string - which I did, as you suggest, and now everything work fine with requested filter result, what filtering result will happen on that way? - I’m not looking for string … I am just looking for the number 1 in a data column, why do I have to convert it to a string type to get correct numeric values on a filtering? … it confuse a bit, don’t you think so?

I’m not sure what the problem is. How do you have the Groupby node configured? Are there possibly hidden blanks in your data? in the meantime, my suggestion seems to be a workaround. You can convert the string column to an integer after the Groupby node.

I do not know if we are talk on same lavel … there is no problem with data, there is problem with view of data and, if filtering is going to be done on it, possible incorrect result of filtering:

  1. under the name of column it says clearly: it is numeric and integer type of column (data)
  2. when I type number 1 (which is: number one, not string) in filter box
  3. I got these numbers: 10, 11 and so on … so how could it be that number one is same as numbers: 10, 11 and so on? so, how can I get these numbers in filtering results?

I understand you clearly. I don’t know the cause of the problem. It may be a bug. Until you can find the cause of the problem use my workaround.

Hi @ssimara ,

I too observed this patter in the number column. If you are searching for 121 (for example), you will get the results such as 121, 5121, 1210 etc. It is not an exact match but it returns all the values which contains 121. Guess that is how the filter is built.

By the way, I just checked with string fields as well and the behavior is same.

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