filtering out missing values for multiple rows

if there is any value greater than “0” in a series of columns jan 2022 - dec 2022 i want to include it.

more detail:

i have a filter that includes something called “g4” and “g5” in my data set. i need to see all g4 and g5 values.

now i need to include an extra selection that is “g3” but ONLY the ones that are g3 AND have any value greater than “0” in multiple date columns (12 consecutive monthly date columns)

said simpler:
if the value is blank or 0 – i do not want to see the ones in “g3”

what is the easiest way I can accomplish this in KNIME? thanks in advance!

Can you upload a workflow with some sample data? I am having a hard time picturing this table / filter requirement…


Hi @mb7846 , it’s quite vague what you are saying, and to @iCFO 's point, probably sharing your workflow would be better, or at least some sample data.

It is unclear what “something” is. Are g4 and g5 columns? Values?

Again, we can’t relate to anything there.

If I understood correctly what you want to do, may be you can use the Rule-based Row Filter node for this.

Assuming “g3” is a column, you can use this expression:
$g3$ > 0 => TRUE


@iCFO and @bruno29a are right. sample helps.
sounds like if then else so you could try column expression node

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