Filtering row according to multi criteria

ID User Date Login
1 John 12.3.12
2 Mark 23.3.12
3 Elsa 12.3.12
1 John 13.3.12

I am a beginnner with Knime and i really need some help here. 
For example the table above. I need to filter the data (row) out according these criteria.

Same ID and Same User but different Login time.

it means col1 equal to col2 but doesnt equal to col3.

I already used sorter to sort the according to ID to see the repeated ID and User and my next step will drawing them out (for example add an extra column)

ID User Date Login Repeat
1 John 12.3.12 Yes
1 John 13.3.12 Yes
2 Mark 23.3.12 -
3 Elsa 12.3.12 -

I tried row filter and so on but maybe my lack of knowledge in this. I couldnt get it.


Check out the Rule-based Row Filter and Spliter which are really handy to specify multi-selection criteria in an easy way.

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This looks like an application for the group by node. You can group by id, user and login time and specify no aggregation operation. This will retain only rows where any of the three columns is different from the other rows.

Thank you very much. Problem solved.

Hi Users,


How can we count Account Numbers coming from two different tables. below is the scenario

->I have Collection Accounts(Collection Table) and Demand Accounts(Demand Table)

I have 5200000 accounts in Demand Table and 3800000 Accounts in Collection table.

I have applied Left Outer Join between these two tables. 

when i am trying to count Accounts(Demand & Collection) from two tables.  

it is showing both accounts as 5200000.

how can i get Demand Accounts as 5200000

and Collection Accounts as 3800000


pls.....suggest the solution for this.

One solution is to use group by node, grouping by each id (demand table) and id (accounts table), taking into account to tick to not include missing cells.