Filtering Rows that contain certain Words

Hey Guys.

Im trying to filter rows that contain certain words.
The dataset im trying to filter contains a sentence in each row, if the sentence contains a word from a list
i would like to filter it out but i cant figure out how to exactly do that.

Hello @Jowawa ,

try to use a row filter node with wildcards. Use “*” to indicate whatever character. See this example.

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Hello @Jowawa and welcome to the KNIME Community
I would recommend to include some regex code in your filtering, in this way you can asume more possible string issues assumptions. This is: position in the string sentence, case sensitive, wildcard word combinations…

Please have a look to the following workflow example for insights:

Five starting nodes from this workflow are enough to solve your challenge description; adding a filter on ‘Trues’

Please comment if further support is needed, aiming to adapt it for your use case.



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