Filtering specific data

Good afternoon everyone, comparing between 2 data (league index and total hours)

How do you categorise and filter a specific value? E.g i want to take out any number of league index that has spent a total of 800 hours and ABOVE, while letting people know that what the numbers are in league index that spent over 800 hours and above.(see photo for example)

Hi and welcome the community @Leviheichou,

If by total you mean sum of all the “TotalHours” values for each “LeagueIndex” value, then you have to use a GroupBy node and group the rows based on “LeageueIndex” and use “Sum” aggregation on “TotalHours”. After that use a Rule Engine node to label the records which exceeds 800 in sum of TotalHours.

But if by total you mean the current value in TotalHour column, then just use a Rule Engine node and label the rows with the value equal or higher than 800.

The expression for Rule Engine would be:

$TotalHours" >= 800 => "Over 800"
TRUE => "Below 800"

You can also use a Row Filter to exclude the rows based on this label if you want.


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Thank you so much for the prompt reply! I have tried it out and it worked. However, Is there a node i can visually display each “league index” comparing whether are they above 800 hours or below 800 hours?

Also , i have 3341 rows , but it’s only displaying 500. Issit adjustable in the settings?

What exactly do you mean by “visually display each …”

Can you provide an example of what you want?


Through a histogram would be good!

So you mean you first want to group the indexes, right?


bar-chart-over-800.knwf (6.4 KB)

I hope this is what you want.


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Yes,kinda! But where do i import the data from excel ? Unlike file reader / CSV writer, the table creator has no options to import

Replace the Table Creator in my workflow with one the readers.


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