Find and replace a non printable character in a column

I'm trying to be able to replace a non printable character in a column.  The character is � which I believe has a hex representation of FFFD.  I've tried to  use string manipulation and java snippet nodes with no success.  I have to admit, I'm poor at regex.  Any suggestions how to proceed?

The character 0xFFFD is the so-called "replacement character" in UTF-8. It is inserted into a character stream when an invalid UTF-8 character has been encountered.

You should probably check that your input data is actually UTF-8 and not some other encoding. If it is some other encoding, make sure that you read the data with that encoding. If it is UTF-8, then try to understand where the encoding errors come from.


I also tried to find a solution for replacing this character within KNIME but without any success. I guess this is not so easy because Java does not support unsigned binary data types and writing down the notation for a numerical value greater than 0x8F is difficult (because of two's complement).