Find-Elements-node failing to read page


  • Using Desktop KNIME 4.2.2
  • SeleniumNodes 4.2
  • Chrome webdriver

Only during development of work-flow.

After I’ve used the Click-node (which results in replacing the current url with a new url), the subsequent Find-Elements-node does not seem to be able to read the webdriver-url, and I get a “Failed reading response message” in the Outline-box. (even after sufficient time has elapsed and I’m sure the new page has fully loaded).

Unless… I enable Chrome’s inspect, just prior to running the problematic Find-Elements-node. Then the Find-Elements-node is able to read the page, so that I can define my query.

Any idea what could cause this behaviour ?
Much appreciated.

Hi aroodt,

could this be a timing issue? Have you tried the option “Wait for X seconds maximum, poll every Y ms”?

Beside that, can you share your workflow?


Thank you for your response.
No timing issue. Perhaps related to my setup (only tested on Chrome). Only occurs when I’m building the WF - and need to explore the page, in order to define the query. Once the query has been defined, it executes without issues.

Anyway, now that I figured out the peculiarity (after some hours :), it is quite workable.

For others that might run into the same issue: The top screen-grab: Trying to define the query (without chrome inspect activated). Bottom screen-grab: Once inspect has been activated on the page, I’m able to properly configure the Find-Elements-node.