'Find missing extensions' has encountered a problem

I’m trying to install the Weka data mining integration suite, the ilastik suite, the FIJI integration and the python integration but when I drag and drop the nodes from the KNIME hub into I get the following error;
Could not query updates site for missing extensions
No repository found at KNIME Image Processing - Ilastik Integration – KNIME Community Hub. (this is for the Weka suite)
I would really appreciate some guidance on this. I am running KNIME 4.2.1, which I think is the latest version.

Hi @sujay92,

We have just released 4.2.2, but that doesn’t make a difference here.

We honor your Analytics Platform configuration and only ever query update sites that you have specifically enabled. In order to install experimental extensions, you have to specifically enable an update site in your installation. Please follow the link at the very bottom of KNIME Image Processing - Ilastik Integration – KNIME Community Hub to get instructions on how to enable the required update site.



Hi @stelfrich! Thank you for the prompt response.
I did try manually adding the website in the preferences, however I still face the same problem as it says “Problem Occurred” and that there is no repository found at the link provided (for the weak data mining suite, FIJI suite, python suite and ilastik suite).
It also adds a line to the error - “org.eclipse.equinox.p2.core.ProvisionException” if that helps.
Your support is much appreciated @stelfrich

If I am not completely mistaken, those update sites should automatically be added so that you only need to activate them. Are you behind a firewall or proxy that might prohibit connecting to update sites?

Also, do you get an error when you try to update KNIME via File > Update KNIME…? If so, this sounds like a general issue with update sites.


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Hi @stelfrich!

I tried updating the KNIME with those update sites but it wasn’t going through. So I removed those update sites and updated KNIME and it went through. I then tried to drag and drop those nodes into the updated KNIME and it is installing perfectly. I guess the problem was I was running the past version and hence ran into issues.
Thank you so much for your troubleshooting @stelfrich!


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