Find original source image for s thumbnail

Hi there,
I have a bunch of thumbnails and want to find the original source image which has a much higher resolution.
Did anyone do this successfully and can guide with some hints how this might work?
I came across the feature calculator for images but I am not sure about how this might work for images when they have different sizes…
Many thanks and best regards

This is an interesting question going beyond the scope of #knime-extensions:image-processing (i.e. it is not specific to KNIME, but targeting image analysis more generally).

You could probably solve your task by some kind of multi-scale template matching. I’d recommend to ask this same question on the forum (use the knime tag to indicate that you’re interested in solutions using KNIME) to get more opinions from image analysis experts:


Beside that you could do some research for image hashing. I’ve experimented with several hashing approaches a while ago, and this seems like a good use case. Keywords to look for: “Perceptive Hash”.

Back then I’ve found this quite promising:


Thanks a lot, the hashing idea sounds great! Will definitely give it a try :slight_smile: