Find the upcoming Monday based on current date

At the moment I am using the time generator node to get the current date and time. Using the create date&time range to make a calendar. I want to pick up the first Monday that occurs starting from today’s date.

You can calculate number of days from today date to nearest Monday and use Daye&Time Shift node to get specific date. Say use Rule Engine to get number of days.

HI there @shubhamss,

you can do following. Use Create Date&Time Range node with output type date, number of rows fixed with 8, starting point is execution date&time and ending point interval with 1d value. This will give you next 8 days with today included. After that use Extract Date&Time Fields to get week day names followed by Nominal Value Row Filter to leave only Monday(s) in your table.

Now depending if you are running this on Monday and want next Monday you need additional logic. For example create only 7 rows and after that add one day to your dates using Date&Time Shift.


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