Find Workflow Path through Call Workflow


I have 2 workflows and Flow 1 is calling Flow 2 through Call Workflow node.
Is it possible to find which flow (absolute Path) calling Flow 2… because i want to execute the flow 2 based on owner of the calling Flow(Flow 1).


Hi @Prasanna9078,

It’s not possible to directly get the caller workflow absolute path from the callee workflow.

If the use-case is only to decide on different logic based on the caller, the right way would be to pass a parameter (e.g. a flow variable) from the caller to the callee.

You might also want to check the Call Workflow Service node which has more features compared to the Call workflow node.

Examples on how to use any node can be found on the KNIME Hub. The KNIME Hub lists examples workflows on the page of a node sorted from simplest to the most complex.

Kind regards,

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HI @temesgen-dadi …thanks for the same.

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