Finding similar names

Dear all,

I have a large table with >10000 names/spellings in one column containing names which differ slightly for different persons for example:


Mickey Mouse

M. Mouse

Mouse Mickey

M. Disney Mouse

M. Dinsey Muose


I would like to find somehow groups of similar names in order to construct with minimal manual effort a dictionary replacer replacing finally all of the above names by Mickey Disney Mouse, for instance.

Any idea how to this? 

Thanks Jerry

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Hi Jerry,

you could use the Indexing and Searching plugin. Have a look at the Fuzzy Address Matching example which identifies typos and different names in addresses using fuzzy matches.



Hello Tobias.

that was the right way to go. It took me a while to figure the workflow out. The key was how to construct the  query (I am not so into Java) and choose the right sensitivity for the fuzzy search. 

Thanks a lot


Hi @tobias.koetter,

I wanted to check the links you posted but unfortunately I am not able to access it seems the page is private? Could you share the solution please I have tried many different things in last weeks but haven’t had a good result yet

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Hello @B074534 ,
I have updated the links in my original post. So now they should work again. Sorry for that.


Thank you, I am going through the workflow to understand it…

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Jerry, (I am also not into Java and new to Knime) Do you have the workflow that you used for your ‘name consolidation’ case? I am struggling to produce something quick :S

Look also here


@B074534 in addition to the workflow that @izaychik63 suggested I have complied a small collection about address deduplication and string similarity:


Sample Workflow.knwf (31.2 KB)

Here is a short workflow example. You might have to adjust the sensitivity value inside the meta node. Hope this helps.

Regards Jerry

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