Finding the location of a KNIME Workflow


Is there a solution to find the location of an open workflow ?
For example, I have hundreds of workflow in my repository. One is open. I want to know where it is located (I don’t want to go in each workflow group). Is this information available somewhere or something like “show location” ?

Thanks for the help

Hello @trj,

you can do two things:

  • use Extract Context Properties node which will give you workflow (absolute) path
  • or simply utilize KNIME Explorer view serach functionality as you know your workflow name


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Hello @ipazin ,

I’m already using these to options that work well.
Thanks for the answer. So there is no context menu option right ?

It was just a curiosity to have a more convenient access to the workspace :wink:

Best regards

Additionally there is this button with the two yellow arrows in the “Explorer”. When clicking it with an open workflow, it’ll be selected in the tree view. Doesn’t seem to always work reliably though as I just noticed. Sometimes it just does nothing.


Hello @qqilihq ,

Thanks! That’s exactly what I was looking for!


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