Finding The MAX Date from Many columns

I have a table with approx. 50 date columns.  I want to create a new column that has the maximum date from all those 50 columns available.  Can anyone think of a trick to identify which of the dates is the greatest and create a new column from that?

I think you can transpose the table and use the GroupBy node with aggregation method "max" (no grouping!) and then turn the table back, again with the Transpose node if that's feasable at all. Give it a try?


if you want to have the maximum date per row for all 50 columns you can use the Column Aggregator node. Simply add all 50 columns in the columns tab and select "Maximum" as aggregation method in the Options tab.

If you want the maximum for each column accross all row you can use the GroupBy node. You select no group column but only aggregation columns. To specify the columns you want to compute the maximum for you either manually add all columns as aggregation columns in the "Manual Aggregation" tab and change the aggregation method to "Maximum" via the context menu or you simply use the "Type Based" aggregation tab where you select the Date and Time type from the list of available data types and select the "Maximum" as the aggregation method for it.