Fix Column Names node error

Hi guys,

I'm trying to use the FixColumnNames node on Community nodes -> Rscripting->Utils to make my descriptor column names compatible with R environment. In the node I selected the option use strict name matching that use the method make.names of R to make R-compatible column names.

When I connect the node to my workflow the following error is triggered:

ERROR     Fix Column Names                   Configure failed (RuntimeException): org.rosuda.REngine.Rserve.RserveException: eval failed, request status: R parser: syntax error

I think Rserve should be correctly set, as I can use other R snippet nodes.

Please, do you have an idea why this error occurs?


Is it possible to attach the KNIME-table (does not need to contain data but the table specs should match). Or do you see this problem with every KNIME table?

Hi Niederle,

Thanks for your help. Sure, I attached an exemple of csv. If I simply read it and connect it to the node in the way I mentioned (with the Use strict name matching turned on) it gives me the error:

ERROR     Fix Column Names                   Execute failed: eval failed, request status: R parser: syntax error

If it's not possible to use the node with the Use strict name matching on, I will simply use it with this option turned off.


I could reproduce the error and put it into the issue list to fix it.

Thanks a lot for reporting!

The problem is the character ' in one of your columns.

I will try to allow this character for the next release as it is valid in KNIME.

Hi Niederle,

Thank you for trying to solve the issue for future versions and for the clarification! Unfortunately the ' character come from the CDK molecular properties node. Maybe we can contact to those guys in order to modify the name of the property "Lipinski's_Rule_of_Five". I guess the ' symbol can give problems also with other nodes.