Fixed LOD Rule Based Filtering on Min/Max values

I am trying to filter based on a set of rules using a min and max of a column by an order number.

I want to exclude any Order No where the MAX(Process) > 5 OR MIN(Process) <-2 and just show the MAX(Process) for the Order No’s that remain.


Hi @sabbot0420 ,

You can use first the rule-based row filter to remove rows as the condition you pass:

Then you can sort by value or just groupby node to show the max value from this field.



You could use groupby node for grouping your processes then get min and max aggregation, use rule based row filter as suggested by @denisfi and then join the table with your orignal one
(Tableau LODs I assume?)


Correct, Tableau is what I am more familiar with.

I need it to also exclude the orders completely if any of them are at a process >5 or <-2. The rule based filter still keeps the order numbers I need excluded.

This you can achieve by the joiner I mentioned afterwards

Awesome. Had to read into how to aggregate with the grouping, but it was easy after that. Thank you!

Great that you “fixed” it. And thanks for marking the solutions for others to find in the future.

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