Flexible input node to join multiple nodes

I have to run workflows for slightly different purposes very frequently. To do this, I have a template of a standard workflow which I can then alter for my specific purpose. Here is a (very simplified) view of my standard workflow:

A huge challenge with this however, is that I often want to add and remove different sources (the left hand python scripts). The cascade of joins makes altering the workflow even slightly extremely cumbersome. Is there a way that I can have a node that has a variable number of inputs?

Something akin to this:

To me this would seem as a very common desired architecture for many users.

If this isn’t possible, does anyone know a good workaround to allow multiple joins which would enable workflows to be flexible to different uses cases?


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Hi there!

Not sure such a (join) node exists. But maybe you can try creating a metanode with n inputs where n is the maximum inputs you can have and then just connect all inputs to that node. That metanode should perform joins you need. For situation with less than n inputs you can use If Empty Table node.

Not sure this can work :smiley:


Depends what kind of join you are doing. Try to look at Concatenate (Optional input) or Case Switch examples.

thanks izaychik63 and ipazin. I will look into these workarounds.