Float Data Type

Hello. I am trying to upload to a table in a database which has a FLOAT data type. I have read that KNIME does not have a float data type and rather uses double. When I attempt to use double, the database does not recognize it as a float and returns an error. Is there anyway to fix this?

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Did you by any chance take a look at this topic? I believe the Mapping by Type should be the trick to do it.

This Mapping by Type is also available for DB Writers:

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I tried mapping by data types, but this did not work. Here is the error I received. Do you have any other suggestions?


Hi @nick_a2z , which database system are you trying to write to, and which driver are you using?

The driver should be able to interpret the data type correctly, and especially if you are helping it with the conversion mapping.

I’m writing to Impala using a JDBC driver.

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