Flow logic, event-based

Good afternoon everyone, how are you?

There is some node that identifies a “logic”. For example, if a column has 1 I want it to run part of the flow, if it has 2 I want it to run another part of the flow. Can you tell me if it is possible?

You are looking for the IF Switch or CASE Switch node :wink:


Sorry to bother you, but could you send me a workflow with this example??

Have a look on the KNIME Hub, there are countless examples of how to use those in different situations.

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I couldn’t progress with this node, I researched a little and I’m using if swith, can you help me with this workflow. Basically whatever is marked as “YES” I will program whatever is marked as “no”, I will not.


Hi @Gabriel2020
have you already checked related workflows which are mentioned in @ArjenEX Links?

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Yes, I apologize. But I actually couldn’t. Can you help me?

I got it, thanks guys

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