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Hey all,

We want to implement an easy way to track our flows and different parameters, what we want to track:

  • running yes/no
  • start date
  • end date
  • runtime
  • schedule

At first we had a node in place within each flow, but this put a massive strain on the server so ideally I would want to implement something that can track this information on a higher level and not via each seperate flow. Anyone has something similar in place and/or an idea how to implement that?

Hi @Chaosprinzip

you can do this with the KNIME REST API. It already contains all information.

Here you can find an example workflow:

Best Iris


Thank you for your link! I will look into it. Would it be possible to set this up externally and automatically without having a new flow running on the server?

Yes you can use the same REST API also from outside of KNIME.
You can use the Workflow as an example how to build the Queries.

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Thanks again Iris! Very much appreciated - I hope you have a nice week :slight_smile:

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