Flow variable connections for nodes without explicit flow variable ports

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I am trying to optimize parameter, have started with parameter optimization loop start, but somehow i am unable to connect parameter loop end with the Scorer.

Here is the screenshot:

Please help me here

that depends on the value you want to optimize. I guess it is the accuracy on the test data. If that is the case, you need to connect the Scorer’s variable port to the Optimization Loop End. To see the Scorer’s variable port, right click on it and select “Show Flow Variable Ports”. Now you can connect the top right port to the Optimization Loop End. Please note that anything that comes out of the bottom Scorer will be lost, as it is not collected anywhere, so you can either write its output to disk in every loop iteration (make sure to change the file name every iteration) or just remove it from the workflow. Training accuracy is not really that interesting anyways.
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Maybe you could try this example and see if it could work for you



I have enabled the “Show variable port”, but still unable to connect to parameter optimization loop end. Sharing screenshot for your reference.

Please let me know how to proceed with this.

Just drag a connection from the red dot on the top right of the scorer to the red dot on the loop end and you are good.
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