Flow Variable does not show in File Reader

Amazing, thanks a lot Simon!

Two solutions:

  • Put Path to String (Variable) node in between the second (after creating the Flow Variable) and third (File Reader) node, or;
  • Put Path to String node in between the first (List Files/Folders) and second (Table Row to Variable) node.

Again, thank you for pointing me to this node. :slight_smile:

Edit: I needed to add the prefix “file:\” in front of Path in order to be able to get results from the File Reader node. I encountered the same error as in Problem with the File Reader Node when using workflow variables (again) - #2 by MH.

I ended up using:

  • List Files/Folders
  • Constant Value Column (for “file:\”)
  • String Manipulation (for joining the two columns)
  • Table Row to Variable
  • Path to String (Variable)
  • File Reader