Flow Variable in MDF Reader Node

the channel selection over Flow_Variable in MDF Reader should be in the form channel name ( group index : channel index ). I can’t find which index you mean here. Can someone post an example With MDF Reader controlled with Flow_variable ?

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Hi @tebaldir,

lets take this mdf for example:

Channel name of selected channel is a_X\CAN-Monitoring:1. Group and channel indices are 0:1, so the final flow variable should look like this: [a_X\CAN-Monitoring:1 (0:1)]. The brackets are only needed as it expects a flowvariable of type string array.

I feel like the indices could/should be sufficient, but for now it needs the name in addition.

Feel free to share any feedback for potential improvements.


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Hi @Marten_Pfannenschmidt

Can you help us with the issue that we often don’t know which variable is in Channel Group.
Depending on the configuration of the vehicle a channel like “a_X\CAN-Monitoring:1” can be in different Channel groups. Is there a way to automatically search for a channel name if I don’t know in which group it is in?


Hi @Timoo,

you can search channels by name as you can see in the screenshot above. Did I miss something?


The key point about my question is the automatization of the searching within a workflow.
I guess the proposal of @tebaldir would be the solution of my problem.

MDF Node: Channel List as Output