Flow Variable in MDF Reader Node

the channel selection over Flow_Variable in MDF Reader should be in the form channel name ( group index : channel index ). I can’t find which index you mean here. Can someone post an example With MDF Reader controlled with Flow_variable ?

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Hi @tebaldir,

lets take this mdf for example:

Channel name of selected channel is a_X\CAN-Monitoring:1. Group and channel indices are 0:1, so the final flow variable should look like this: [a_X\CAN-Monitoring:1 (0:1)]. The brackets are only needed as it expects a flowvariable of type string array.

I feel like the indices could/should be sufficient, but for now it needs the name in addition.

Feel free to share any feedback for potential improvements.


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Hi @Marten_Pfannenschmidt

Can you help us with the issue that we often don’t know which variable is in Channel Group.
Depending on the configuration of the vehicle a channel like “a_X\CAN-Monitoring:1” can be in different Channel groups. Is there a way to automatically search for a channel name if I don’t know in which group it is in?


Hi @Timoo,

you can search channels by name as you can see in the screenshot above. Did I miss something?


The key point about my question is the automatization of the searching within a workflow.
I guess the proposal of @tebaldir would be the solution of my problem.

MDF Node: Channel List as Output


I agree with @Timoo that selecting a channel/s to process should be possible using just the name without the need for Channel Group & Channel Index.

I can see this is probably done to protect for the same channel name coming from different sources, I guess that’s allowed across multiple CAN busses?

The Channel Group & Index change depending upon the raster used and the recording configuration, if you have multiple files to process it is very unlikley they will all have the same layout. If the layout changes for each file you can’t automate the processing, which kind of makes the node redundant.

You can manually search for a channel name without specifiying a group or index, that’s the funtionality that’s required for the flow variable.