Flow variable missing in the Hierarchical Cluster Assigner Node

I would like to use, for hierarchical clustering, a workflow similar to the one you can find in: Examples / 06_Control_Structures / 04_Loops / 01_Loop_over_a_set_of_parameter_for_k_means
to decide on the optimal number of clusters.
I wonder why there is no flow variable that can replace the cluster number value in the Hierarchical Cluster Assigner Node.
Are there other ways to select the optimal number of clusters using the hierarchical method?



I don’t understand the point but If you want to reproduce the workflow, It should be like the one in attachment, if I follow exactly the template 06_Control_Structures / 04_Loops / 01_Loop_over_a_set_of_parameter_for_k_means

test_general.knwf (49.8 KB)

And If you want to control the number of cluster in Hierarchical Cluster Assigner Node, there is the variable name numClusters into the Flow variable panel.

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Hi Fabien,
I expected to find the “number of clusters” Flow variable field in the Standard setting tab of Hierarchical Cluster Assigner Node as in K-Means Properties tab of the K-Means Node, so I didn’t try to take a look at the Flow variable panel. Very sorry…
Thank you!


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