Flow variable passed to Partitioning node not functioning as expected


I’m having a similar issue to the user inthis old post that seems to have gone unresolved.

I’m using a Counting Loop Start node to initiate a loop. The first node is a Partitioning node. I would like for currentIteration (flow variable) from Counting Loop Start node to pass to the Partitioning node to set the random seed. It is not functioning as intended and I’ve tried multiple configuration methods and am still getting the same result. Partitioning node is not resetting its random seed as currentIteration increments.

Is this a known issue? Am I missing something?

I just tried it on my PC with a loop with 10 iterations and setting the seed manually to 9. In the last iteration of the loop the partitioning node does exactly the same split as the manually configured node. Can you check a setup like that on your machine? Which version of KNIME are you using?
Kind regards

Hi there @mckeon87,

if you write some text to that white area next where you have chosen currentIteration as flow variable you will create a new flow variable with value of random seed. Combine it with Step Loop Execution option from loop end menu and you can inspect what is the value of random seed in each iteration.

Info: Flow variables are carried with data connections as well so no need for red connection between Counting loop Start and Partitioning node :wink:


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