Flow variable with ANOVA node

Hi everybody,
I created a flow variable “Confidence Interval” to control this parameter of the “One-way ANOVA” node. The type of my variable matches the expected type (double) and the value of variable 95.1 (%) is also in the expected range.
BUT the informative message in the console is :slight_smile:
“WARN One-way ANOVA 4:3 The property “Confidence Interval (in %)” must be in the range [1, 99].”.

My question is: why this message?
cmp ANOVA.knwf (10.6 KB)

Your flow variable is out of range. I can see how this would be confusing.

Yes, in the “Settings” configuration tab, you’re asked to supply the flow variable (in %). However, if you decide to control this using a flow variable, then you need to supply it in the range from 0.01 to 0.99.

One way to tell is that the name of the flow variable is “confidenceIntervalProb”.

Another way to tell is to set the value for the confidence interval in the node configuration (e.g. 95.0), and output the flow variable by giving it a name:



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Of course! Thank you so much elsamuel.

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