flow Variables in RandomForest node

Hi to all

I noticed that in RF node there are no way to trigger NumTrees oder NumFeatures variables.

any hint?


Andrea Zaliani

Hi Andrea,

Unfortunately all the Weka nodes do not allow using Workflow and Flow Variables in the dialog, since the internals are wrapped from the underlying Weka implementation. We know about this limitation and have it on our list of improvement. Thanks again for pointing this out.

Regards, Thomas

Hi Thomas

thanks for reply. along the same line (flowvariables). I was trying to set up a nested loop to generate a response surface from a regression. I got that the "flow object stack cannot be merged". So, any hint for me? Could you deliver a general double loop workflow for statistic nodes?



The error message indicates that a part of your workflow bypasses a loop end node. You can't use intermediate results from the inner loop and merge/join/concatenate them with the output of the loop end node.

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