Flow Variables Tab - hide Default node settings internals?

I’d like to suggest a couple of enhancements to the NodeSettingsPane flow variables tab…

  1. Show the full name of the settings key - the truncation means you have to mouse over the settings to see what it is - particularly difficult for nodes with many settings (and worse if you follow the developer documentation example and start all the keys with something like CFG_KEY_...!)
  2. When using the DefaultNodeSettingsPane, with the convenience that comes with it using the standard DialogComponents, could the ‘_Internals’ parts of the tree be hidden? (I’ve tried since pretty much the first time I used KNIME to think of a way to ever use those, and failed! :slight_smile: )

The picture shows both aspects:


I think the first probably would require some modification of ConfigEditTreeRenderer, and the second modification of the #recursiveAdd() method of ConfigEditTreeModel - probably in here where the other _Internals settings are already being hidden:

I noticed looking on github that this class has had quite a bit of work around here recently, including this:

which looks… Nice - very nice, assuming it means what I believe it to mean :smile:



Update - After looking at those changes made in ConfigEditTreeModel a bit more carefully, I wondered whether point 2 was already fixed, so I just dowloaded the nightly build and realised that they do indeed fix point 2 - very nice - Thank you team KNIME! :grin:

I couldn’t yet see any route to the new flow variable types, but I guess that will come…



Hi @s.roughley

Thank you for your comments!

Indeed, point number 2 will be part of next release. :slight_smile:

For point number 1, we do have this feature request in our internal ticketing system. I am adding this thread as +1 for more visibility.



Hi @s.roughley,
I’m happy to announce that long flow variable names are now much nicer displayed in KNIME Analytics Platform 4.2 which was released on Monday.