Flow Variables


I have following questions regarding flow variables,

  1. Can I create customized flow variable from a flow variable. For example, I create a variable name COUNTRY now I want to create multiple flow variable using that variable having extra characters but all of them will have COUNTRY in them.

  2. While using the flow variables in row-filter node, is it possible to use combination of flow variable + customized string ?


Hi @nikola_tesla , yes this can be done with any of the * (Variable) nodes, as in any node that has “(Variable)” or “Variable” in it. These nodes have the option of overwriting the value of a variable with your operation, or to set the results to a new variable. Some examples of these nodes:

I am sure there are some other nodes.

And of course, the most powerful among them, the Variable Expressions:


Thankyou very much for your help, It will solve my problem. Thanks again.

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