Flowable nodes

I create an Actian flow and input both Actian and Knime nodes. DataFlow Eecutor is selected for the whole flowvia File -> Configure -> Job Manaage Selection. I then execute the whole flow. If the whole flow is executed does that mean that all the Knime nodes inserted are (Actian) flowable? That is the whole flow is run using Actian and utilises its parallel processing.

A simple flow is atatched. There is one Actian node (Derive Fields) and the rest are all Knime nodes

Thanks for your help


The Actian executor is using a Streaming API that KNIME developed together with Actian. In KNIME 2.12 only few nodes implement this API so most of the nodes will fall back to a default execution, where a node assumes full access on the input table. For large data this will become slower as a lot of data needs to be staged to guarantee full access. It should still work, though.

With newer versions of KNIME more nodes are adopted to follow the streaming API.

See also this blog post for some more information: https://www.knime.org/blog/streaming-data-in-knime