Follow-up Re: OAuth Node for General 1.0 Signing

I was a few minutes late to providing an update and response before the original thread closed, but I need to share my extremely positive experience of the solution that was arrived at.

Recall that the OAuth node only supports up to HMAC-SH1 security. @qqilihq offered to help here, so I participated in testing HMAC-SHA256 on the OAuth Node with @qqilihq, who developed the major update to the OAuth node.

In less than a week we got a successful workflow that I now have running API calls to query several different reports from NetSuite (which only supports SHA256). I essentially now have my own, local “Postman” running. Can’t wait to continue advancing the workflow further.

While the workflow is very neat, the greatest experience was being able to contribute and participate in the development of KNIME community extensions.

Thanks again, @qqilihq - solid work!


Thank you @wisemanleo for helping to get this functionality implemented and for helping to continually improve Palladian – the entire Palladian community will profit from this!

The updated Palladian 2.5 which (amongst other) will contain the new OAuth functionality will be released during the next week.