Force execution of workflow

Hi Knime community,

I have a series of workflows where one workflow waits for another to finish.
e.g I have workflow A and B.

  1. B will only start to execute when A has completely finished.
  2. B will not start if A have not finished.
  3. I have used wait node at the start of B workflow to wait for file creation from A workflow.

I have a scenario where A is not able to finish due to some reason and I have to force execute B workflow.

How can I handle the condition, where I want to force execute the B workflow know that A have not finished ?

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you.

Look at examples like this one

with Try Catch and Active Branch Inverter nodes.

@izaychik63 Thank you for the reply. it was interesting to know about Active branch inverter node.
I came up with a solution for my question, using string configuration, rule engine, wait for a file node and It worked as I expected. Please checkout my workflow.

Thank you

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