Force KNIME server to always reset workflow before upload

It there a way to always force workflows stored at the KNIME server to be reset?
If no, is it possible to force the reset of workflows prior to upload to control that users do not upload workflows containing data?

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Hi @KristianRohde

What version are you in? This is possible with the following KNIME Server configuration:

com.knime.server.action.upload.force_reset=<true|false> [RT]
Specifies if all workflows shall be reset before being uploaded. This only works for workflows that are uploaded in the KNIME Analytics Platform 4.2 or higher. If left empty the default value false is used. The user can only change the reset behavior manually if /instance/org.knime.workbench.explorer.view/action.upload.enable_reset_checkbox is set to true, otherwise the behavior cannot be changed by the user.

For more information please refer to: KNIME Server Administration Guide

Let me know if this helps,



Perfect, thanks! Just what I was looking for :slight_smile:


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