Force KNIME to Read CSV Columns As Strings

This sounds easier than it is. I have to read files with an unknown number of columns and an unknown name of each column. I need KNIME to read all these columns as strings.

Example, when reading one file with postal codes from the US, it decided the column was an integer because there was no alpha-characters. In the process, postal codes with leading zeros are damaged. So I can’t convert them to strings after the read.

This is easy to do with CSV Reader and File Reader if you know the name of the columns in advance. But since I don’t know the column names in advance, I would have to change the File Reader configuration manually for every file submitted. That’s no an option.

Anyone else had to solve this problem?

You could try and combine this approach - using R package readr

with this thing:

The package seems to have the option to force all columns to strings.

As brute force solution: Load CSV without specifying it has header. So it will load everything as text (if there is no headers like 123). Then write it to the temporary CSV and read it specifying there is a header. For small files it has to work.

Thank you both. The R solution would work well, but it does introduce something my team is not familiar with. I do love the option to read in the header. I can extract that first line and convert it to column names without too much effort.

Use the File reader node. Once you load a CSV file, you can click on the column header to change column properties. including changing a number to a string.