Force Re-Execution

How can I manually trigger a re-execution? I didn’t find any option for this.

Hi Robert,

If I understand your problem correctly, the re-execution widget node might do the job…. You should connect the flow variable of that node with the node, where a re-execution should start / take place.

The re-execution node should be part of a component to have a user interface.

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Hi, there is no re-execution node.

There is a Refresh Button Widget but I’m not sure how to use it. My starting node (Variable Creator) doesn’t have any input.


you are right, the node is called Refresh Button Widget…

Please find attached a small example how one can use the node. If you click on the button, all nodes (“after” the refresh button node) will be re-executed.
The nodes are encapsulated in a component. The first text widget show the value set by the variable creator node (which is static), the second text widget shows a random number created by the math formula node (which changes with every re-execution).
The nodes within the yellow annotation are a simple replacement of your workflow.

I hope the example is helpful.

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Refresh_Workflow.knwf (14.3 KB)

Hi Robert,

What would be the end goal?

If you really want to manually reexcecute just reset the workflow and run again.

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