Force stopping stupid runs


From time to time I manage to set something stupid to run, such as too big cross join or joining with much less variables than I should have done. When this happens KNIME initially seem to be responsive, but after hitting Cancel All Running nodes nothing actually happens and ultimately KNIME becomes completely non-responsive to clicks and just continues its job of merging the data. If I am in a hurry, it seems, I can only hope to have saved the workflow not that long time ago, force KNIME to stop and start everything again, but trying to avoid the same mistake.

Would it be possible to add in KNIME a ‘stupidity sniffer’ that would be ask to confirm that the user really wants to start what seems to be a mammoth task, or otherwise just keep it responsible to a cancel command whenever such things happen?

Which version of KNIME are you using? I just run a couple of expensive cross joins with xmx=2g and I was able to cancel all of them without any issues.

Thanks for your response Marten!

That is great and strange too, because I think I have managed to have the issue over different versions of KNIME. I am using 4.2 currently and I have assigned max 10gb out of 16gb for KNIME.

I’ve sent you a PM to follow up on the topic.

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