Forecast Column

Hello Team,

I have a new challenge; Currently I’m working in the forecast for some assets. The main idea of this process is understood when the asset will be depreciated and apply the last amount of depreciation in the other months.

For example:
Asset 123:
Final Date depreciation: August 2024, at this moment I have the actual amount for the months: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr and May I need to put a rule like this:
IF the last amount was May and the asset will be depreciated in August please complete the columns of: Jun, Jul and August with the same amount of May.

Attached you can find data when I have the final month of depreciation and the current month, but I don’t know how to do for reapply this amount in the others columns.

I really appreciate you help

KNIME Activos Fijos.xlsx (11.9 KB)
and regards!

Hi I would assume you could unpivot the Depr. Columns and then do some string manipulation with rule egine / column expressions to check whether the extracted month number form the unpivoted header = the Final Dep number and then work with the missing value node to fill prior values. Just as a “starting scaffold”