Format datetime x-axis to show seconds in line plot

I have a plot where the x-axis is datetime that includes seconds.
The data on my plot varies every second, however the x-axis is only showing the date.
Is there any way to include the seconds granularity?

Im using the Line plot node. With the following Axis format settings:

But it gives me this result:

Hi @thentangler -

If you are able to upgrade to 4.6, released yesterday, you might try the updated version of the Line Plot node included in the KNIME Labs extension:

I mention this specifically because the demonstration video for this node showed automated scaling of the X-axis when zooming in.

If this isn’t helpful for you I can check on what might be possible with the existing node.

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Thank you. Let me try that and get back to you.

I tried updating my Knime version to 4.6, but the line plot is still not shwoing the full timestamp.
My time stamp column is like this:

Are you using the specific Line Plot node I linked above? Since it’s in Labs it’s different from the regular Line Plot. I get something like this after specifying the Date & Time format in the configuration:

Zooming in shows much more discrete times on the X-axis this way:

Oh! the line plot icon you showed seemed exactly like the one I was using so I just assumed it was the same javascript one.


I tried the one you referenced and I am able to see the granularity! Thank You!

However it seems that I cant search for the plotting columns I want by typing in the first letter. I have to scroll and select the columns I want. Is there a way to enable search by keyword for the columns I wan tot lot in the lineplot?

By the way, to make this work in the existing node, change the configuration as shown:

I should’ve posted this first but I was too excited to play around with the new Line Plot node. :slight_smile:

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Currently I don’t think so. But it would make a good feature request! The developers would love your feedback in this thread: KNIME new Visualizations Nodes

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Thank You for you helpful guidance!.
I surely will!


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