Format issue on Data types

Hi Knime team,

From Knime workflow where a column as “Amount” data type is showing “Double” but once it appended into excel workbook, data type was changed.(it is not showing as Double ).

→ I am getting a data from email and i directly saved data into one excel sheet and loaded into excel reader node after that i changed the data type of column Amount to Double and then appended into Excel workbook but the same column Amount data type was not be as “Double”.

→ my main concern once a datatype was assigned in knime workflow, why it should be changed the same datatype while it appended back to excel sheet.

below is the just a sample data;
DataType_issue.xlsx (9.0 KB)

please confirm me whether a sample data coming source i.e from mail, while pasting entire data into excel sheet without proper format and save that excel. then load the same excel file into excel reader and changed every column data type in knime, and then once that data was appeneded into excel sheet again datatype was not changed.

→ i.e in knime work flow data type was changed but in excel sheet it didn’t changed.

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