Formating Issue

Hello Knime Experts!!

Hope you are doing well.

I am facing formating issue in knime, i just want your guidance for creating formating as shown below:

which node shall i use ?

Thanks in advance.

I do not see issue here. You can do sophisticated formatting in KNIME reporter BIRT. If you need to return formatted data to Excel try Continental nodes.

so on.


Thanks @izaychik63
but whether using above mention node can we mention, scop from AABK, material no ,material group, net value – under Details of Dr./Cr. Notes (Data from AABK) & same for all other column under Details of Dr./Cr. Notes (Data from VBBK)…
my issue is not putting color, but is to bifurgate two column, and get sub-column underneath it .

I hope understand my concern… :blush:

See here how to duplicate columns. Take in account that KNIME does not work with merged columns.


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