Formatting Two Tabs


Below is my current workflow. When I run it is only formatting one of the two tabs, how can I have it format both (data is set up the same)

Hi @rparr009

I’ll try to illustrate my answer with a snapshot extracted from one of our workflows. As you can see here below, you need to integrate a XLS Sheet Selector node to tell the Continental nodes connected after it that from there, their formatting is for a specific XLS Sheet:

In our case, the sheet name is controlled by a variable but this is optional. Which is important here, is to have one “XLS Sheet Selector” node per sheet that is eventually saved in your Excel file. It is important too that the sheet name entered in this node exists in the XLS file.

With respect to the specific question of having the same formatting for two different sheets, you would need to duplicate the same formatting twice. I would recommend in this case to set a component with just the common formatting and with a configuration to set the value of the Sheet Name. Thus, the component could be used for different sheets as many times as needed.

The following snapshot (also taken from our workflow) shows more or less how the workflow for formatting the different sheets should look like when organized into different components, each one formatting a different Excel sheet of the same Excel file:

Every one of these components contain a “XLS Sheet Selector” configured with a different Sheet name.

Hope this helps




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