Forum reorganization

Hi everyone,
i think that is the time to improve the forum in order to achieve a better tracking of issues, bugs, new ideas etc etc, because the numbers of user are increasing month by month.

What about creating 3 sub forums for that?

  1. New ideas: a subforum where everyone can ask for improvement for Knime. The ideal solution would be like this: where you can vote another request done by others
  2. Bugs: especially on new releases, this could be very useful to group all the problems togheter
  3. workflows help: in this one should be listed all the user requests for their analytical problems

What do you think?



Hi @Luca_Italy -

A good idea! Let me ask internally about this and see what the possibilities are.

If so tell people in the help section to upload a sample file with their request. This alleviates the process and saves a lot of time

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Hi, any news about this?

We actually now have an internal subforum for feature requests that we are currently testing and configuring before rolling it out to the community. We should have more info to share in the next few weeks.

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Nice to hear that! Keep going :stuck_out_tongue:

This could/should be made compulsory, i.e. no reporting without uploading example workflow.


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Excellent! Looking forward to this!

Check :slight_smile:


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