Frequent Patterns Item Mining (Apriori, FP-Growth and ECLAP)

Hello everyone,

I have the latest version of KNIME Analytics Platform and I would like to have frequent pattern mining by using Apriori, FP-Growht and ECLAP algorithms. However, I cannot find either FPGrowth node or Apriori (3.7) node. I only see that Association Rule Learner node but I could not see any option that can configure for apriori or fp-growth.

Can anyone help me about it?

Thanks in advance.

@mehmet34 welcome to the KNIME forum.

You would have to install the WekaNodes from the KNIME extensions:


Some examples how to use such nodes I have collected in this workflow:


Thank you for your help. I could not see ECLAT algorithm here. Do you know how can i use it?

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