From PDF to table Excel

Hello, I would like to convert this PDF into an Excel table. Can someone help me, please?
PROVA.pdf (35.3 KB)

@MGDiNicola maybe this article can help

Isn’t there an easier way?

KNIME_prova_PDF_to_Excel.knwf (127.5 KB)

I have reached this point, now I only have a cell formatting issue because I don’t have a unique way to identify individual rows.

@MGDiNicola there was this just knime it challenge using knime nodes.

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Can you help me with the attached file ‘prova’? I can convert it into a table, but then I have a formatting issue because unfortunately not all rows have the same separator/splitter.

@MGDiNicola this is the best I can offer. You might try to tweak the settings somewhat:

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