FTP Connection - connection refused:connect

Hi everyone I have read the previous post related to FTP, but I am unable to connect to my company’s neither to the test speedtest.tele2.net

For instance in my company’s FTP

And with speedtest.tele2.net

Both attempts have different messages. I am using knime 4.4.2 on windows 10, probably there is an antivirus or security blocking issue, but not sure.

Thank you

Hi @salazachou , and welcome to the Knime Community.

I don’t think this is an issue caused by Knime. Can you try to ftp to both sites via an ftp client on the same system where your are running Knime from?

And for your company’s ftp, are you sure you are connected to your company’s vpn if it’s an internal ftp?

Regarding the tele2.net, it closes the connection right after it’s connected:

C:\Users\bruno>ftp -A speedtest.tele2.net
Connected to speedtest.tele2.net.
Connection closed by remote host.

The -A option is for anonymous user. From your screenshot, I see you entered a password for anonymous? There’s usually no password for the anonymous user. It’s also weird that an ftp site would have a subdomain called “speedtest”. Are you sure it’s an ftp site?

EDIT: Scratch my last question. I just visited them, so yes it’s a speedtest for file transfer.

Hi @bruno29a thank you for your help, I shared the workflow with someone from the IT area, so he can try to establish the connection since I do not have any FTP Client installed. Regarding the VPN, I guess I do not need it, since I am at the office :office: right know.

Finally and considering your last clarification the tele2.net is taken from an example provided by @ScottF here

I am going to try

Thank you

Hi @salazachou , I checked the post that you mentioned, and indeed, it looks like @ScottF was able to connect to it back then. I can’t connect to it either via my Windows ftp command line, or via Knime’s FTP Connector (newest nor Legacy).

For VPN, yes you don’t need to since you are in the office :slight_smile: Might be a firewall issue then. Your IT department should be able to test this.

Hi @bruno29a thank you, meanwhile I test the workflow in other computer, I was wondering how can I install the newest FTP Connector since I have the legacy one,


Thank you

Hi @salazachou , one easy way to do it is to drag it direct from here:

Just drag the node from the page to any of your workflow. If you have it installed already, it will add the node to the workflow. If you don’t have it, it will ask you if you want to install the Extension and it will install the relevant extension for you - you will need to restart your Knime after that.

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Thank you @bruno29a, I managed to drag and drop the node and as you mentioned I could not replicate @ScottF example


No problem @salazachou , happy to help.

Note, you can do this with any node that you want to use.

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Hi @bruno29a, I managed to connect using the new node. I will post another question about listing the files inside the FTP

Thank you

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